Reduced CO2 Emissions

Stone paper produces 70% less CO2 in manufacturing than traditional paper.

Reduced Water Consumption

Stone paper requires a fraction of the water required for production of virgin pulp and even recycled paper.

No Wood Required

Trees are foregone in the production of stone paper, protecting one of the Earth’s most important carbon storage organs.

What is stone paper?

Stone paper, or rich mineral paper, is an innovative printing substrate that replaces traditional fiber-based paper. It looks like paper, but it is waterproof, tear-resistant, food-grade, and extremely sustainable. It is among the highest quality papers on the market.


Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)

Calcium carbonate is a common mineral produced from limestone and currently used in traditional paper as a filler to increase brightness.


HDPE Resin

High-density polyethylene is one of the cleanest plastics with a recyclable life of up to 200 years. It releases no toxic gasses when incinerated and decomposes naturally under sunlight.

Our Services

Packaging Print

Packaging is currently the majority of applications for stone paper after labeling, making up 50% of the $700 million dollar market for the material. Stone paper is well suited for all consumer and food packaging due to its smooth feel and waterproof characteristics.

Publishing Print

Publishing products are a growing field of stone paper applications. The Pebble Printing Group provides solutions for both stationary and traditional books, such as notebooks and children’s books. Stone paper is chemical-free and cannot cause paper cuts.

Supply Chain

Printers around the world are looking for suppliers to test the unique properties of stone paper. The Pebble Printing Group is tightly connected to all key players in the market, facilitating stone paper logistics around the world.


Despite stone paper’s development of over 30 years, it is still relatively unknown on the market. The Pebble Printing Group is dedicated to publishing high quality information about the material to increase awareness.


Here you can learn more about the Pebble Printing Group or request a non-committal price quote for your stone paper printing project.