A First Look at Pebble Paper™, the First Stone Paper Compatible with Inkjet

As of November 1st, 2021, the Pebble Printing Group is officially announcing the launch of Pebble Paper™. Our new, exclusive material is the first version of stone paper to be compatible with water-based inkjet printing inks. This is a milestone in stone paper development, and enables a new level of competitiveness and performance for stone material. Here are a few key insights about Pebble Paper™.


Pebble Paper™ is manufactured along the same principles of stone paper production, using approximately 80% calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and 20% high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It retains the same uncompromising sustainability of no trees or water used in production, less energy consumed, fewer CO2 emissions, and elimination of all poisonous chemicals.

The big difference between Pebble Paper™ and previous versions of stone paper is the surface treatment. Pebble Paper™ uses a proprietary coating especially designed for water-based inks. Its quick drying and low dot gain properties make it a competitive material for traditional coated inkjet papers.

Advantages of Pebble Paper™

  • High whiteness without OBAs
  • Waterproof
  • Tear-resistant
  • Uses no trees or water
  • Requires 50% less energy to produce
  • Produces less CO2 emissions than traditional paper
  • Higher recyclability than PE coated inkjet papers
  • Does not yellow with time
  • No poisonous chemicals used in production
  • No hazardous pollution generated

Performance Comparison

The target market for such a unique material are traditional coated inkjet papers, which include consumer photo papers, wide format inkjet printing papers, and large format sheets commercial inkjet printers. In order to match these materials, it’s necessary to delivery a premium printing performance. Here is a comparison of Pebble Paper™ to current photo paper and office paper. These images were printed using an Epson L1800 (at 90% ink coverage for the stone paper):

Whole Sheet View
160 GSM Photo Paper
Original Image File
192 GSM Pebble Paper™
Detail Closeup
160 GSM Photo Paper
192 GSM Pebble Paper™

Technical Specifications

1- 1.3 g/m³


> 90%


> 90%


> 6%


> 1.0 mN/m


What now?

Pebble Paper™ is an exciting innovation in coated inkjet printing papers. It’s competitive, high quality, and radically sustainable. We are always looking for distribution and printing partners to join in the exploration of this new material. For questions, please contact:

For a limited time, A4 packs of 50 sheets (192 gsm) are available for shipping only, $60 USD worldwide. Please fill out the form below and order directly. You will receive delivery tracking information once your samples have been dispatched.

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