About the Pebble Printing Group


The Pebble Printing Group’s mission is to accelerate the spread of rich mineral paper internationally and across markets. The intention in doing so is to facilitate the development of a sustainable solution to traditional paper for future generations.


We aim to become the greatest rich mineral paper solution provider in the world with an independent production network fully optimized to the printing of rich mineral paper.


The founding of the Pebble Printing Group is a story of exploration and discovery starting in July, 2019. An American engineer with a German printing education began a publishing career in China, where he first made contact with stone paper. Realizing the potential for a type of paper without water or wood, he decided to conduct further research. After months of developing products with clients and academic investigation, it became clear that stone paper would inevitably replace paper. Growing paper consumption and changing legal landscapes would be the forces that bring about this development.

Since then, it has become a journey to connect customers and inform the market. First came notebooks, then children’s books, and packaging in rapid succession. Now the Pebble Printing Group operates as an independent entity providing masterful stone paper printing solutions internationally.


With business reaching from the United States to Europe and into Asia, the Pebble Printing Group values clear communication, honesty, and trust. We are dedicated to delivering high quality products from the best suppliers, and in turn providing high value to cherished clients. Additionally, the research information provided by the Pebble Printing Group is assembled with integrity and foresight that brings our clients clarity in a fast-changing market.