About the Pebble Printing Group

Our Mission

The Pebble Printing Group’s mission to to become the leader of the stone paper market. This means leading printing solutions, product development, supply chain management, research, and ultimately decentralized production. With know-how and good will, we will carry a revolutionary innovation in paper from Asia to the rest of the world. This will take place as we expand initial production in Asia and open pioneer productions in Europe and North America, the largest paper consumers in the world.

Our Vision

Within 10 years, stone paper will be the standard material for all printing applications. This is due to extreme abundance of raw materials and unparalleled price competitiveness. As the price of stone paper drops below traditional virgin-fiber paper, and even toward the lowest quality papers, the world will undergo a radical transition to this calcium carbonate based substrate. This will have far-reaching consequences for resource exploitation, paper production, printing production, consumer products, and depending on the developing supply chain, even geopolitics. Pebble will exist within this new world as a steward of fairness and innovation, securing a foundation for a new standard of paper, ensuring the paper and printing industries do not threaten life on Earth.

Our Values

With business reaching from Asia into North America and Europe, the Pebble Printing Group maintains key values that always guide us.


The change we represent is fundamental to the way the world works, namely the paper industry. The first and foremost principle of our business is unrelenting boldness, knowing we represent a better future. At each success and failure, we remain focused on the goal of bringing stone paper into the mainstream.


We will not change the world in one day. The pursuit of developing sustainable printing solutions is a long path. It might take 10 years to realize our vision, but we commit ourselves to daily tasks that work toward that goal. We don’t forget to cherish life as it goes by on this long endeavor, but ultimately we know we will create a new world.


We adhere to facts of sustainability and trust in our scientific understanding. We do not market sustainability gimmicks to consumers to in an effort to turn a quick profit. We also do not form partnerships in which stone paper is intentionally misrepresented to make it more appealing for business reasons. We will always be forthright with our customers and give our support in demonstrating the radical sustainability of stone paper to both retailers and their consumers.


The Pebble Printing Group was founded from a deep respect of the art of paper and printing, and we continue to represent these sacred crafts through the transition of stone paper. We are committed to providing cutting-edge, high-quality solutions for the raw material of stone paper and its printing. We do this not because it is required by customers, but because we are proud to be great at what we do.


The founding of the Pebble Printing Group is a story of exploration and discovery starting in July, 2019. Hunter Bliss, an American engineer with a German printing education began a publishing career in China, at the world’s largest printing conglomerate. This is where he first made contact with stone paper.

Realizing the potential for a type of paper without water or wood, he decided to conduct further research. After months of developing products with clients and academic investigation, it became clear that stone paper would inevitably replace paper. Growing paper consumption and changing legal landscapes would be the forces that bring about this development.

Since then, it has become a journey to connect customers and inform the market. First came notebooks, then children’s books, and packaging in rapid succession. Now the Pebble Printing Group operates as an independent entity providing masterful stone paper printing solutions internationally.