G7 Expert Review of Pebble Paper™ on a Fujifilm JetPress 750S

Our first official test of Pebble Paper on a Fujifilm 750S passed with flying colors. But what was the purpose of this test, and what do the results mean for this business?

Key Insights

  • Pebble Paper™ is a new, exclusive stone paper material optimized for inkjet printing.
  • Our paper was taken to a PoD printer to be tested on an industry-leading FujiFilm JetPress 750S
  • The in-house G7 color expert was impressed with our printing quality
  • Our paper was assessed as better performing than their high-end graphic paper for offset and inkjet

What it means for stone paper investors

With this first test, we have demonstrated a high printing performance compared to high-quality graphical printing papers for inkjet. Our high performance was confirmed by an advanced printing expert. This is the first, most basic confirmation that our coating is excellent.

However, the typical graphical papers that are usually used by this printer are significantly cheaper than this paper, and they are not our competitor. Our real competitor is resin coated (RC) photo paper. This is a very high end segment, with exquisite printing quality and requirements. Our coating has been formulated by experts who intend to make our material competitive in this arena.

Another test is coming soon, comparing directly our Pebble Paper™ with other RC photo brands. If you are watching these developments closely, this will be one of the most important tests. If we receive a confirmation from a fine art printing expert, establishing the market will be the next step.