A New Opportunity for Stone Paper: A Tour of Our New Machinery

Since stone paper’s innovation 20 years ago, there really hasn’t been much innovation since. Now the Pebble Printing Group is in a unique position to not only develop exclusive material, but build the machines required for stone paper production. Here are the key insights about this announcement:

Key Insights

  • The Pebble Printing Group has partnered with a small, innovative Chinese team to bring a new stone paper recipe to market.
  • Along with a new recipe, the Pebble Printing Group can now manufacture stone paper production machinery.
  • Our stone paper machinery production line includes: Recycling machinery, fully automated pelletizers, blown film extrusion lines, coating lines, and laboratory equipment.
  • The current development with regards to manufacturing equipment is the introduction of Pebble Paper™, a type of stone paper compatible with inkjet printing.

Comments for Stone Paper Investors

As you may already know, classic stone paper left some innovation on the table after it was invented. The higher density, price competitiveness, and printability were never truly understood by its developers. There is likely to be a common thread of poor customer support from the previous stone paper developers in making quality material.

What you are seeing here is the first improvement of stone paper since its invention. We have taken the stone paper technology, acknowledged the existing difficulties of working with the material, and tailored a business model that makes stone material more competitive on the tree-based paper market.

This is why we are so committed to expanding the Pebble Paper™ product line for inkjet printing first. Our newest material is a proven competitor to RC photo papers in quality and price. Your first instinct may be to think that the RC photo paper market is limited, but it makes much more sense for this new material as a high-margin, low volume product. With a global annual volume of around 500,000 tons per year, there is a highly profitable and sustainable growth opportunity in this segment.

We will be continuing with inkjet testing to confirm our market application, and we are always looking for new partners to distribute our highly competitive material abroad. As the market develops, we are excited to see who is the first to adopt this unique machinery.

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