Publishing Print

From digital file to the warehouse, the Pebbling Printing Group can facilitate every step of the stationary and book production process with the highest environmental standards and innovative methods.


Before printing begins, your files will be checked and prepared to move to the press. Close communication at this step is critical to the excellent printing of a publishing product.

File Preparation

Here we will communicate with you to make sure your color profiles, format, and other aspects of your files are in order for production. At this stage, all feedback comes from a dedicate pre-press engineer with high information security standards.

Digital Proof

Your job cannot move forward if you do not agree with colors and layout. Here we will provide a free digital proof with a color simulation that is adapted to the printing machine we will use. Once you approve, we can start the machines.


Another important part of the design process is seeing how your product will feel physically without any print. We can prepare free dummies to show you the structure of your product in stone paper, whether it be a simple notebook or a children’s book with sliders and flaps.

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