We can make the paper industry sustainable together.

There is a fascinating future ahead of stone paper, based on inorganic stone powder instead of wood and water. We have laid the foundation to make books out of this material. Now is your chance, together with Pebble Printing Group, to take advantage of the potential of stone paper and become a pioneer in publishing.

What is Stone Paper?

Stone paper is the most sustainable alternative to traditional paper. It replaces trees, water, and 70% of the usual CO2 emissions with calcium carbonate, which is 16 million times more abundant than trees. This calcium carbonate is bound with high-density polyethylene, (80% CaCO3 to 20% HDPE) to create a material that does not threaten life on Earth. It’s waterproof, recyclable, UV-degradable, and has excellent quality. The production costs are less than half of traditional paper.

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Pebble Printing Group Stone Paper Certifications

Who is Pebble Printing Group?

The Pebble Printing Group was founded by Hunter Bliss in Shenzhen, China, in the center of stone paper development. Hunter comes from the US and received his printing education from the masters at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. Under his leadership, the Pebble Printing Group is quickly becoming a leading expert for the machinery, production, and printing of stone paper.

The Pebble Printing Group originates from the passion for printing ,world travel, and curiosity for new innovations. After long research and development, we are proud to be one of the few companies in the world, that can offer stable solutions for book production on stone paper. We are the only company that can produce stone paper greyboard with post-consumer recycled plastic binding materials, as well as digital proofs using 100% stone paper.

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Our Stone Paper Package

Pebble ID™

Our products are given a unique certification ID that can be searched on our Pebble Certification™ Database. From the entry in our database, readers can see the printing specifications, how many resources were saved, how to recycle the material, and more information about our company and mission. See an example entry.

Behind the Scenes Video

We want to celebrate your stone paper book! We will support its launch by making a behind the scenes production video, detailing exactly how it was made and why it’s so exciting. We made a similar video when we produced the first soft cover book on stone paper. See for yourself.

Preferred Pricing

Our first partners will be receive preferred pricing on printing production. Stone paper is slightly more expensive than virgin-fiber paper, and we will lower our margins to make sure our pricing is competitive with your current solutions.

Ocean Cleanup

For every book we print, we will donate $100 AUD to The Ocean Cleanup. While we know plastic is an excellent and ultra-efficient binding agent for stone paper, we recognize the importance of reducing irresponsible plastic litter from our oceans.

Social Media Marketing

We can advertise your book on our social media platforms, which include Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. The Pebble Printing Group’s Instagram is a fast growing account with focused users coming from Germany and the United States. We actively pursue creative campaigns via social media that will benefit your brand.

Printing Where You Need It

We can organize printing production in Asia, Europe, and locally within Germany. Even though these different regions have different challenges in stone paper, we will do what we can to make your production work best for you.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for small, innovative publishers with flexibility and ambition to grow their businesses through sustainability. Our ideal partners are courageous in promoting a radically new material and patient in developing cutting-edge products with an international partner. We are currently prioritizing softcover and children’s books due to high recyclability, paper usage, and simple production.

In 2021 we aim to reach 500 tons of annual stone paper production. This is the first step in our 5 year plan.

We are excited to make samples or offer pricing. Contact us today.